Lajim blamed for BN candidate’s loss



KOTA KINABALU: Acting Umno Beaufort chief Isnin Aliasneh has denied that he was allegedly involved in a plot to topple the Barisan Nasional (BN) Kuala Penyu candidate in the 2004 election.

Isnin, when making the denial, claimed that former Umno Beaufort chief Datuk Seri Panglima Lajim Ukin was the one who was involved in the sabotage and had in fact spearheaded the effort.

“The allegations that I was involved in causing the BN candidate in Kuala Penyu, Datuk Wences Anggang to lose in the 2004 election are total lies. I have never campaigned for his (Wences’) loss,” Isnin said, adding that at the current time, he was only the Umno Beaufort Youth chief.

Isnin alleged that the person responsible for Wences’ defeat was none other than the Umno Beaufort chief and at that time, was Lajim.

Isnin was responding to a report in a local tabloid which connected him to the reason why BN lost the Kuala Penyu seat in 2004.

“The article in Watan Sabah is fictitious and full of lies … it was written to discredit me and also to create tension among the BN leaders. Datuk Wences and UPKO know who had actually stabbed them in the back.

“I have proof that Lajim was the instigator (because) during the 2004 election campaign, Lajim when going round the villagers whispering the word ‘payung’ (umbrella) to them. So does this not mean that he was the instigator?

“Why is he denying it and throwing the blame on me? In fact in the 2004 election campaign, I personally helped Wences and UPKO, not the other way,” he said, adding that he has witnesses to the sabotage and they are still loyal to him.

Isnin challenged Lajim to disclose the time, date and place where he was alleged to have campaigned against Wences.

“I have no problems with UPKO, in fact we work well together with other BN parties, including PBS, in all our programs in the constituency,” he stressed.