Friday, October 18

Move immediately to temporary site – SMC

INSPECTION: Chieng checks on the progress to build a drain near ‘tamu’ market to prevent water spilling onto the main road.

INSPECTION: Chieng checks on the progress to build a drain near ‘tamu’ market to prevent water spilling onto the main road.

SIBU: Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) issued a stern warning to a handful of traders at the wet market here to immediately move to the temporary site at Khoo Peng Loong Road or risk facing the music.

SMC Market and Petty Traders Standing Committee chairman Chieng Buong Toon told reporters yesterday that several traders had continued to trade near the wet market, which had been vacated for upgrading works despite repeated reminders.

“This time around, they have no more excuses as canopies have been provided for them to do business at the back portion of Khoo Peng Loong Road. And if they still insist on staying put, we will take action against them,” Chieng asserted.

Asked on the type of the action to be taken, he disclosed they would first issue a reminder letter.

“But if they still ignore our warning, we will fine them.”

He did not discount meting out tougher actions including impounding their goods if they continued to disobey.

Meanwhile, Chieng visited the 143 stalls affected by the renovation to check on their progress and gather feedback.

He revealed that a drain was being constructed in front of the temporary site beside ‘tamu’ market to prevent water
from spilling onto the main road.

The problem was caused by the floor gradient and that they were doing their best to resolve the teething problems.

“Another curve or drain will be constructed near the entry into the multi-storey car park to mitigate the problem of water spilling onto the main road.”

Meanwhile, on the problem of bright canopies, Chieng assured that they were looking into it.

Fish mongers had complained that the bright canopy made it difficult for them to conduct business.

Chieng said painting the canopy green would help alleviate the problem.

On complaints that the temporary site was stuffy, he said two power sockets would be installed in each canopy.

“We suggest that hawkers bring their own fans while the electricity would be borne by the council,” Chieng said.

To ensure a more conducive trading environment, he told reporters that more pipe stand would be erected at suitable locations.

This, he added, would facilitate hawkers do their washing.

“To keep the temporary site spick and span, the trading site would be washed and cleaned up daily,” he said.

Towards this end, Chieng revealed that he was generally satisfied with the running of the temporary site thus far.

Meanwhile, the upgrading works to the wet market would take three months to complete.