Monday, September 27

Remnants of sulu terrorists being hunted


KUALA LUMPUR: For almost 20 minutes, F18 and Hawk fighter jets bombed Kampung Tanduo, Sabah, after a futile effort to settle an issue of intrusion by Sulu terrorists without bloodshed.

Almost four hours later, Inspector-general of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar announced that Ops Daulat involving air and land attacks had met its objective.

Nevertheless, until late this evening, he did not announce the number of enemies killed, injured or apprehended.

The spontaneous reaction of Malaysians of various strata of society supported Malaysia’s action in protecting the nation’s sovereignty.

In fact, there were those who pressed the Philippine government to surrender Jamalul Kiram III who claimed to be the Sultan of Sulu for trial in this country for allegedly directing the armed intrusion in Sabah which killed eight Malaysian policemen. –Bernama