Wednesday, July 6

Foreign Worker Feared Drowned


Police, Fire and Rescue and Marine Police teams searching for the missing Indonesian

KUALA BELAIT: An Indonesian national in his 20s has been reported missing and feared drowned at Lumut Beach, Borneo Bulletin reported.

The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) team and Fire and Rescue Department team from Sungai Liang Fire Station have launched a search for the missing Indonesian, Sigit Risliana Hartono.

A Marine Police team is also involved in the search operation.

The man was believed to have been dragged away by strong currents while swimming at the beach. The RBPF said that they received an emergency call at about 12.58pm from one of the missing man’s friends. The RBPF team, led by Inspector Lina binti Emran, Officer-In-Charge of Sungai Liang Police Station, was rushed to the scene.

Meanwhile, Sungai Liang Fire Station said they received a call from the RBPF about the incident at about1.39pm and quickly dispatched seven members led by Station Officer Awang Mohd Ali bin Hassan.

One of the victim’s friends, Abdul Basid, said five of them, including Sigit Risliana Hartono, who are coworkers went to the beach at about 10am yesterday to trawl for fish on the edge of Lumut Beach.

He said that the victim told them that he wanted to swim before going back home, but Abdul Basid told him not to and declined the offer to join him and was getting ready to leave because he did not know how to swim.

He soon heard a voice shouting for help and it was from Sigit Risliana Hartono.

At the time, his two other friends, Ahmad Hairudin and Joseph said that before returning home, the three of them (including the victim) were bathing near the rock wall of the beach area where they were trawling for fish that day.However, a big wave came along, and according to Joseph, the victim tried to hold on to his hand but he could not hang on due to the strong current and slipped. Ahmad Hairudin said he tried to pull Joseph, beat the last wave and finally when they swam to the edge, the victim was nowhere in sight.

Firefighters have erected tents at the beach for easier access and convenience while the search is still being carried out by the RBPF team as well as the Fire and Rescue and Marine Police teams.