Monday, September 23

Mayor reminds public not to litter indiscriminately


KOTA KINABALU: Mayor Datuk Abidin Madingkir is reminding the public visiting Likas Bay to avoid littering and to discard their rubbish properly in the garbage bins.

Abidin said collection of rubbish along Likas Bay is carried out every morning by the contractor during low tide, however, more plastic thrash and garbage are swept ashore again during high tide.

He was commenting on the rubbish found along Likas Bay as published in the papers presented at the Quality Environment Practices Certification (5S) to the Cleanliness and Environmental Health Department (JKKP) of City Hall by the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) here yesterday.

Abidin said he has held discussions with JKKP director, Robert Lipon, on the need to increase the number of workers to clean up the rubbish.

“It is an uphill battle for City Hall. We clean every morning, and the rubbish re-accumulate in the evening or at night,” he lamented.

Abidin explained that the rubbish along Likas Bay is cleared up every morning and the rubbish could not be seen during low tide. However, when it is high tide, the rubbish is carried by the sea currents back to Likas Bay, thus the public formed the impression that the rubbish was never cleared up, he said.

Abidin is therefore calling on the people not to litter indiscriminately, including the rivers because during high tide, the rubbish would be carried back to Likas Bay.