Hairee and Angels to launch debut album


UP AND COMING: Hairee and Angels featuring Melissa Francis. The band consists of (from left) Rickee, Hairee and Frankee.

KUCHING: Another chapter will soon be written in Melissa Francis’ musically-inclined family. Her siblings’ band Hairee and Angels will be launching their debut album soon.

The album, Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban, was recorded at the band’s own studio, Francis Five Production, and is scheduled to be launched on May 26.

Consisting of nine songs, all tracks were written by the band, who also sang their own compositions for the album.

Hairee and Angels’ talented songwriter Hairee Francis, on lead guitar, is well known for writing most of Melissa’s hits throughout the years, including Mutus Ati.

Fans could expect a variety of music genre in the album such as pop, ballad, rock and a dangdut song Bula Enggai – written by drummer Rickee. He also wrote Indu Antu.

Bassist Frankee contributed rock songs Badu Ngenang and Ketegal Sayau.

The album title track Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban is another rock genre that will feature all siblings on vocals.

Other songs include pop songs Nuan di Atiku and Rindu ke Nuan, ballad song Semina Nuan Sulu and Sayau ke Nuan.

“The band started to record their album in November last year. The uniqueness of this album is that all nine tracks are written by the four siblings who sang their own written tracks. The album title track is sung by all the siblings while Rindu ke Nuan is a duet featuring Hairee and Melissa,” stated Platinum World Network Sdn Bhd in a press release.

Hairee and Angels was formed in 2000, consisting at the time a 14-year-old Melissa and her three siblings Hairee, Frankee and Rickee, who were five, 12 and nine.

Melissa left the group in 2003 to pursue her solo career. Her debut album Sulu Mata Engkudu immediately made her a household name and this presented opportunities for Hairee and Angels to stamp their mark in the local music industry.

However, things didn’t start off well for the band, who earlier made their name in Miri and Bintulu, as Melissa was signed up by top Iban singer Andrewson Ngalai to his production house.

“The band decided to put a hold on their own music career to focus on other matters while continuing to give full support and encouragement to their sister’s music career.”

The band reunited in 2011 after Melissa signed with a new label, Panggau Buluh Pengerindu. Hairee’s talent as a songwriter became evident when his song Mutus Ati and Ku Relakan became Melissa’s top hit in her album Berserara Enggau Air Mata.

Following the album’s success, the band officially reunited for a live performance to accompany Melissa on stage at the 2012 Anugerah Juara Lagu Rentak Ruai Cats FM (AJARR). They performed Melissa’s hit song Mutus Ati.

In August, Melissa set up her own music label Platinum World Network Sdn Bhd to work on the band’s much awaited debut album. Their official album launch will take place at Boulevard Shopping Mall to coincide with Melissa’s launch of her new single Perening and highly anticipated Malay song Hujan.

In the meantime, fans of the band could purchase the album CD and VCD online or contact their marketing officer Deborah or Eric at 016-6690086. Platinum World Network Sdn Bhd is the distributor of the album.

For further information, the band could be reached through their Facebook page — Melissa Francis, Hairee Francis, Rickee Francis and Frankee Francis.