Tuesday, June 15

Kidurong Gateway a commercial hub in Bintulu’s industrial centre


KUCHING: Kidurong Gateway is set to be a commercial hub located at Tanjung Kidurong, or simply known as Kidurong, the main industrial core of Bintulu.

According to a press release, Arcadia Properties Sdn Bhd (Arcadia Properties), a subsidiary of Harbour-Link Group Bhd, had ventured into development of Kidurong Gateway.

Located at prime location of Jalan Kidurong, Arcadia Properties will be launching 60 units of commercial shophouses for phase one at Kidurong Gateway to pave way for it to be a commercial centre nearest to Kidurong Industrial Estate and Samalaju Industrial Park.

“Total land size for the development is about 100 acres currently with plans to include more shophouses, shopping mall, large sized petrol station, large industrial lots and light industrial semi detachs.

“Sizes for the shophouse ranges from 1509 square feet (23 feet times 65 feet) to 2,398sq ft (50 feet times 65 feet), Kidurong Gateway offers larger shophouse with latest design at values from RM1.135 million onwards,” the statement explained.

Kidurong Gateway will also offer bountiful opportunities for would-be property investors or home buyers as it is located at Kidurong’s Industrial Estate, of where the MNLG Complex, which is deemed as the largest single gas manufacturing complex in the world, is also located.

In addition, the thriving oil and gas industry in the Kidurong Industrial Area since the 1980s has brought along a vibrant expatriate community.

“Property prices will rise steadily in Bintulu. Large-scale projects such as Samalaju Industrial Park, a heavy industrial park under the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) development plan, will have a positive impact on the property sector in this region.

The anticipated increase in resident population as a result of increased migrant workers, expatriates, investors and businesses from SCORE, will make property market in Bintulu more vibrant and competitive in the coming years,” the statement added.

For more information, call 013-8778822 for Alex Lim of WTWY Real Estate Sdn Bhd, an estate company of CH Williams Talhar Wong and Yeo.