Friday, September 18

Disruptions won’t distract me — Tan


KUCHING: BN SUPP candidate for Bandar Kuching, Tan Kai, will not let his spirit be dampened by attempts to disrupt him at ceramahs.

“Not only will I not back down, these (disruptions) have given me the motivation to keep on fighting for the people,” he said at a press conference yesterday.

He said this with reference to a small fire which broke out on Tuesday night during his ceramah at Tabuan Jaya Commercial Centre.

He said the fire, which broke out by the roadside just opposite where his ‘Flame of Fury’ ceramah truck was parked, caused attention to be diverted from his talk.

“It looked like a premeditated attempt aimed at disrupting my talk. It could not have been rubbish burning as nobody would burn rubbish by the roadside where cars and people pass by all the time.

“I think it was a stack of pamphlets distributed earlier that was burning,” he said.

Tan condemned the act as being dangerous.

“The fire which lasted about five minutes was obviously intentional and not by chance or an act of God. It posed a danger to road users and also those who came to the talk.” #myvote13 #ge13