LG launches premium high capacity refrigerator


LATEST PRODUCT: (From left) Jay Jeong, manager, Ref. Marketing Asia Team, LG Malaysia’s HK Kwon, managing director, Joanne Foo, general manager (Marketing) and John Kim, head of Home Appliance Product Management, unveil the new 910L ultra-large capacity four-door refrigerator to the press.

KUALA LUMPUR: LG Electronics (LG) is proud to introduce its newest four-door refrigerator in Malaysia – a 910L ultra-large capacity model, featuring innovative interior features that offer new levels of organisation and convenience, including the most generous shelf space.

The new refrigerator boasts energy savings and builds on LG’s expanding line of energy-efficient side-by-side refrigerators, all of which come with LG’s Core Technology – the Inverter Linear Compressor with a 10-year warranty. At the same time, LG also extends its 10-year warranty to its High Efficiency Compressor which powers all of the company’s two-door refrigerators.

LG’s latest four-door refrigerator – the largest capacity model in its current line-up, features a sleek exterior with premium Swarovski finishing designed by world-renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid.

In spite of the significantly larger storage capacity, the new LG four-door refrigerator maintains the standard dimensions of most regular side-by-side refrigerators, alleviating consumer concerns of having to accommodate a large-sized appliance and reduced kitchen space.

This efficient use of space is largely due to LG’s innovative use of cutting-edge technology and the design of refrigerator’s interior.

For a start, LG has incorporated the best VIP insulation and engineering – the type used as a thermal blanket for space crafts – ensuring optimum refrigeration for without having to take up more space for additional cooling elements.

Additionally, LG, the only company with a Door-in-DoorTM design, has incorporated a storage area called “Magic Space”, which allows consumers to create their own home bar.

This mini-refrigerator within a refrigerator provides easier access to frequently sought-after items like juices, milk and snack, thereby helping to reduce electricity wastage which translates to lower energy costs.

The refrigerator also comes with a unique feature called “Moving Basket” that allows consumers to adjust the height of the shelves depending on
the size of containers for more efficient use of space. Adjustable shelving also held ensure better organisation and greater storage flexibility.

LG has also incorporated health-conscious features which help preserve freshness of foods while offering increased hygiene benefits. While most conventional refrigerators have two filters, the LG Hygiene FreshTM filtration system consists of four – three anti-microbial filters and one deodoriser filter.

Each filter respectively removes dust, fungal spore, bacteria and deodorises odours. With Hygiene Fresh, 99.99 pct of bacteria and odour can be eliminated within 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, new four-door refrigerator’s “V fresh” feature creates the perfect conditions to preserve the freshness of vegetables.

The refrigerator’s humidity control system monitors moisture to keep it at optimum levels, thus preventing spoiling or wastage of food due to excessive or insufficient moisture.

LG’s new premium ultra- large capacity four-door refrigerator (GR-V9100) is now available for RM15,999 (suggested price only).

For more details about the LG’s new home appliances and other products, log on to www.lg.com/my.