Thursday, July 16

Don’t risk being sidelined, Yong cautions voters


KUCHING: Constituents in Stampin stand to lose much if the parliamentary constituency falls to the opposition this general election, as it would deprive Barisan Nasional (BN) of an opportunity to implement programmes and help them.

Speaking of what he had experienced, five-term Stampin incumbent and BN candidate Datuk Yong Khoon Seng said the government was only able to introduce transformation programmes in Stampin to improve the socio-economy of the people and raise their standards of living as it was the only constituency in the city that did not fall to the opposition during the past two parliamentary elections.

He cited Bandar Kuching as an example where the constituents did not enjoy much benefit and development because it was under the opposition.

The caretaker Deputy Works Minister assured the people that BN would continue with its 1Malaysia programmes, such as BR1M, if it given the mandate to govern after the 13th general election.

“The BN government will continue to help the people through its various transformation programmes. All these programmes are to help the people regardless of race, religions or backgrounds.

“If the people choose leaders who only know how to make empty promises, then they will get nothing. Opposition calls for change and hope which are mere talks. It is something that you can’t literally eat,” he said when officiating at the ‘Meet the People’ dinner event at the multipurpose hall of Kampung Desa Wira Lot in Batu Kawah here recently.

Among the 500 people present were SUPP Batu Kawah branch chairman Tan Joo Phoi, Padawan Municipal Council chairman Lo Khere Chiang, Pemanca John Tambi, Penghulu Sidu John and the village’s development and safety committee (JKKK) chairman Anthony Jambuh.

The urban seats in Kuching city centre all fell to the opposition, apart from Satok and north Kuching city areas. The last state polls in April 2011 saw DAP retaining Kota Sentosa, Pending, Padungan and winning Batu Kawah from SUPP. PKR however retained Batu Lintang for the opposition. DAP also retained its Bandar Kuching seat in the 2008 general election.

In rallying support for him this May 5, Yong reminded the people that his name would be the first on the ballot paper.

He also reminded women not to apply nail polish before casting their votes this Sunday to avoid complications in regards to the indelible ink and from being barred from voting.

The Stampin constituency will see a three-cornered fight between Yong of BN-SUPP, Julian Tan of DAP and Lina Soo from the State Reform Party (STAR). #myvote13 #ge13