Dr Tiki asked to clear his name over allegation


KUCHING: A voter in Mas Gading yesterday expressed his concern over a remark by STAR candidate Patrick Anek Uren that the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) still had an outstanding case against independent candidate Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe.

According to Edwin Limban, Anek had on April 27 through an article entitled ‘What’s holding up Datuk Tiki’s case?’ urged MACC to expedite their probe on Dr Tiki.

“If this is true and if there was such a case and investigation made on Datuk Tiki, it is important that he (Dr Tiki) respond to Anek’s statement. This allegation is very serious and of major importance to Mas Gading voters. There should not be any doubt on the integrity and character of any of the candidates,” said Edwin, who is still deciding on who to vote in Mas Gading come May 5.

“For his (Dr Tiki’) own benefit and for the benefit of Mas Gading voters, Datuk Dr Tiki must immediately respond to Anek’s statement to clear his name or to clarify the allegations,” he stressed.

“Likewise, Patrick Anek should follow up with the relevant authorities to pursue the alleged investigations against Datuk Tiki if he has any information pertaining to the case. Or else, Anek should retract the statement, apologise to Datuk Tiki, and not leave any confusion and doubt among Mas Gading voters,” Edwin suggested.

Saying the allegation was no small matter, he told Dr Tiki to clear his name before polling day.