Layang-Layang Aerospace set to transport ballot boxes


Layang-Layang Aerospace technicians inspecting the aircraft before it takes off for GE13 services today.

KOTA KINABALU: Layang-Layang Aerospace is all set for the nation’s political ‘big day’ today.

They have been engaged to assist in the 13th general election (GE13) to ensure the transportation of ballot boxes in Sabah is carried out in a smooth and safe manner.

“We have nine maintenance, refuelling and polling stations throughout the state and we are providing 23 helicopters and three Nomad aeroplanes for the services today.

“Our services are mostly geared to reach out to far-flung areas in Sabah,” said its business development manager Michael Lo when met at their hangar on Friday.

The Layang-Layang Aerospace fleet of helicopters that would be used to carry ballot boxes from far flung areas in Sabah tomorrow.

These aircraft, he added, are well serviced and maintained with experienced engineering, aircrew and support staff comprising 109 multi-national men and women.

“Our main task is to provide safe, efficient flying service to ensure the GE13 personnel carry out their duties without hindrance and in full comfort,” he said.

He added that during that period, they would also be providing medical evacuation and other charters.

Lo said that it is in line with their objective of providing fast, friendly, flexible services to all clients with full satisfaction.


Fleet of Layang-Layang Aerospace helicopters from Sarawak that will assist in the GE13 tomorrow.