Demand for ‘Musang King’ durians up


KUCHING: Demand for ‘Musang King’ durian has gone up countrywide and to meet the rising needs, Mew Yeh Nursery would concentrate on planting such variety besides carrying out research and development.

The fruit of Musang King durian tree, which can bear fruit three to four years after planting, is very attractive and weighs about one to 3.5 kg.

The flesh is smooth, creamy and yellowish, while the taste is sweet with a slight bitterness.

Although it is more expensive, people still prefer this type of durian.

Mew Yeh Nursery now has seedlings for 9 type of durians, namely Durian Musang King (D197), Durian Johor Mas (D168), Durian Ang Hea(Pulau Pinang-D175), Durian Gabai(D194), Durian Black Thorn, Durian Kim Fong, Durian Monthong(D159), Durian Ganyau(D158) and Durian Chanee(D123).

Mew Yeh Nursery uses ‘APM’ (Advance Planting Materials) to grow stronger plants with healthy roots, thus enabling the tree to take in more sunlight.

Those who like mangoes can choose to plant Mango Chok Anan from Thailand. A new species, Mango Phoenix from Australia, is also recommended to mango lovers.

Other seedlings include Mango Coconut, Mango -S, Annona Squamosa (Taiwan), Coconut (Thailand)Jackfruit, Nangcem, Pulansa, Gui Fei Lychee, Longan Ping Pong (Vietnam), Longan Diamond, Longan Edon, Longan Emas, Longkong (Thailand), Ciku(Vietnam or Malaysia), Kedondong, Soursop, Rose Apple, Guava, Mangosteen, Pomeloes, Starfruit, Thailand Honey Orange, Orange Malaysia, Lemon, Kasturi limes, Purut limes, Rambutan Jarun Mas(Thailand), Rambutan-R191(Anak Sekolah), Rambutan-R156 (Yellow), Rambutan-R134 (Singapore) and many more.

Besides that, Mew Yeh also offers garden ornamental seedlings like Red Palm, Yellow Palm, Phoenix Palm, Foxtail Palm, Bottle Palm, Christmas Tree, Feng Shui Bonsai, Cycas and others.

With 24 years of experience, Mew Yeh provides quality fruit seedlings to ensure plants are able to bear top quality fruits.

The nursery would like to remind the public that there is only one registered Mew Yeh Nursery and it has no other branches.

Mew Yeh Nursery is located at Lot 527, 1.5 Mile Muara Tuang Road, Jalan Datuk Mohammad Musa, Kuching. For more information, call Voon at 016-8092880 or 016-8555236.