Milestone reached with opening of Wisma Smart Reader I & II


KUALA LUMPUR: It was another milestone for Smart Reader Worldwide when the Raja Muda of Perlis inaugurated at the opening of Wisma Smart Reader I & II at Kepong Business Park, Segambut last April 15.

The Raja Muda DYTM Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Ibni’ Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail was accompanied by Raja Puan Muda DYTM Tuanku Lailatul Shahreen Akashah Khalil.

The occasion was attended by the management and staff of Smart Reader Worldwide along with franchisees and students of Smart Reader Kids and Smart Reader Kid++ centres, management and staff of SRI College, distinguished guests from overseas and members of the press.

“Teachers acknowledge that quality early childhood education plays a role in the formation of the personality and character of children. Furthermore, A strong education foundation and early exposure to a wholesome environment bring about positive impact, reflected when the children enter primary school,” Syed Faizuddin said during the opening.

The opening signified the company’s vision to consolidate its Smart Reader Kids, Smart Reader Kids++ and SRI College operations into one integrated location to achieve management efficacy, greater customer satisfaction and a more robust working environment.

“We have provided educational excellence to tens of thousands of pre-school children throughout the country. The success of the programme, as well as the brand, attests to the commitment, quality and excellence displayed in all our products and services,” said Smart Reader Worldwide CEO Dr Richard Ong.

Dr Ong and the group executive director of Smart Reader Worldwide, Honorary Professor Datuk Dr K H Wang accompanied the Raja Muda and Raja Puan Muda of Perlis to launch the opening of Wisma Smart Reader I & II.

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