PRS Youth warns Lawan of fallout


Bakat Gira

KUCHING: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Youth generally agrees with Sri Aman defeated Independent candidate Donald Lawan that after the general election, the people should heed the advice of the prime minister to reconcile and unite in the bigger interest of the nation.

However, PRS Baleh Youth chief Bakat Gira warned Lawan that his decision to contest as an independent against the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate in Sri Aman had its repercussion.

“He (Lawan) knew about the repercussion on his son Snowdan who is the Balai Ringin assemblyman and he was also forewarned by party president Tan Sri Dr James Masing. But he chose to ignore,” Bakat told the sundaypost here yesterday.

He stressed that the consequence and implication of Lawan going against Masing’s advice was that it might affect Snowdan’s strength and support at the grassroots’ level and also within the party.

“The sentiment on the ground could change and the tide could be against him and this could effectively jeopardise his chance of getting re-nominated to defend his seat as BN candidate in the coming state election scheduled by 2016,” said Bakat.

Another PRS Youth leader, Zainie Aji warned that if this happened and Snowdan was not re-nominated then Lawan should not hold any grudge against the party, as everything came with a price.
“If Snowdan is not re-nominated, Lawan should not cry foul and blame PRS of his own stubbornness,” said Zanie.

PRS Belaga Youth chief Kennedy Chukpai said Lawan’s action had clearly showed that he did not take into account the negative implication and repercussion of his action on the future of his son.

“He knows very well that his son Snowdan is a deputy secretary-general of PRS. So by going against BN-PRS candidate in Sri Aman, he is also challenging the solidarity of the BN and its component parties, in this case against PRS,” said Kennedy.

Meanwhile, PRS Limbang Youth chief Ali Adap said Lawan’s challenging BN-PRS candidate Masir Kujat in Sri Aman was tantamount to going against the whole party.

“He may have personal issue against Masir but he should not have gone too far by standing as an Independent candidate because by doing that he was challenging the whole of BN and PRS, of which his son is high ranking party official,” said Ali.

In the just concluded general election, BN-PRS candidate Masir triumphed in Sri Aman by defeating Lawan, along with Wilfred Landong of SWP and Nicholas Mujah of PKR with a majority of 6,550 votes.