Thursday, June 4

Tenji Buffet Lunch promotion now on


KUCHING: Japanese food lovers looking to grab some sushi over lunch can now head to Orchid Garden coffee house at Grand Margherita Hotel for the Tenji Buffet Lunch promotion.

Held throughout this month, the must-try Japanese buffet lunch features a smorgasbord of fresh sushi and sashimi including the ‘gunkan’ which are topped and filled with generous servings of ‘tobiko’ (flying fish roe), ‘ebiko’ (prawn) and ‘unagi’ (eel) as well as a selection of ‘maki’ and Japanese salads such as ‘Chuka Wakame’ (frozen seaweed), ‘Chuka Hotate’ (seasoned scallops), ‘Ajitsuke Idako’ (Japanese octopus) and more.

In addition to the usual Japanese fare, diners will also be able to choose from a wide selection of Japanese popular favourites such as the ‘Okonomiyaki’ otherwise known as the Japanese pizza, Teriyaki Chicken, Butter Fish Teriyaki, ‘Yaki Meshi’ (salmon fried rice), ‘Gyuniku Yaki’, ‘Udon Yaki’, ‘Chawan Mushi’ (Japanese steamed egg), ‘Oyako Tama’, ‘Yaki Tori’ and ‘Saba Shioyaki’ among others.

Diners who love Japanese ‘tempura’ will not miss out at the buffet as it has also included a variety of lightly battered ‘tempura’ pieces such as lotus root, pumpkin, carrot, onion, shitake mushroom, ‘ika katza’ (squid) and ‘shiraou’ (silver fish) that will go perfectly with the accompanying tempura broth.

Meanwhile, chefs are also on hand to freshly prepare some cold ‘soba’ noodbles at the Cold Noodle Station while those who would like to indulge in some ‘teppanyaki’ and ‘shabu-shabu’ can do so at the respective stations.

For desserts, diners will be spoilt for choice as the hotel’s pastry chefs have prepared a Japanese inspired spread of flavoursome Green Tea Cake, light and creamy Tiramisu, Wasabi cookies, Wasabi cakes, ‘Dora Yaki’ (pancake with red bean paste) and refreshing Green Tea pudding.

The Tenji Buffet Lunch is priced at only RM53 per adult and is available every Monday to Wednesday from 12pm to 2.30pm.

For reservations and enquiries, call 082-423111 (ext 1158).