Saturday, December 3

Kaamatan promotes team work, unity among villagers — Juil


KINARUT: Various traditional events were featured in conjunction with the Harvest Festival of Kg Tampasak Kinarut held at its Balai raya here on Saturday.

Datuk Juil Nuatin, who represented Kawang Assemblyman Datuk Ghulam Haidar Khan Bahadar, officiated at the festival.

Juil was happy to note that the village had been organising the festival every year.

“This is vital because we would be able to preserve our culture and tradition for the benefit of the younger generation,” he said.

He said he was also happy to see team spirit and unity among the villagers through the organising of the festival.

“Through this festival we can see a lot of effort and team work at play that enables the successful staging of a function such as this festival,” he said.

Earlier, festival organising chairman Eric Fred Anak said it had been the practice of the village to hold the festival yearly, getting people from all walks of life involved through the various traditional events.

“Traditional sports can only be organised during the Kaamatan because they are related to the festival . Of course, The Unduk Ngadau is the highlight of any festival held at village, district or state level,” he said.

Eric also thanked the people involved in ensuring the success of the festival.

“I dedicate this successful staging of the festival to all the organising committee members and the villagers,” he said.

The various events held were Closed Tampasak League, sukaneka, karaoke competition, best food and tapai competition, fancy dress, traditional wrapping of food, Unduk Ngadau and Unduk Ngadau for children, among others.

The beating of gongs continuously for three hours from 9pm to midnight on May 1 was also carried to mark the start of the festival month.

The Unduk Ngadau of Kg Tampasak was Felcy Julian of Kg Tampasak, first runner-up was Laura Vitalis of Kg Tampasak and second runner-up Carry Kimlee of Kg Punson.

Laura also won three other subsidiary titles – Best Costume, Miss Popular and Best IQ.

The winners of children’s Unduk Ngadau were Evelyn Basilus of Kg Labak (first), Valevera Valeh of Kg Kerilip (second) and Racheal Oilon (third).

The fancy dress winners were Dino Vector (first), Andy James (second) and Delyon Matius (third).