Friday, December 3

Mother accidentally stabs her 2-year-old girl


MIRI: A two-year-old girl suffered a deep cut on her head after she was believed to have been accidentally stabbed by her own mother with a pair of scissors on Friday.

The incident happened at her house at Jalan Tanjung here.

The cut is believed to be three centimetres deep and almost reached her skull.

The father of the girl immediately sent her to Miri Hospital at about 1am. According to sources, the girl’s parents were having an argument on the day of the incident when the mother suddenly grabbed a pair of scissors and hurled it at her husband.

Unfortunately, she missed her husband and stabbed the girl instead. The father lodged a police report on the same day at about 3am at Miri Central Police Station.

According to sources, police have nabbed the mother and the case is being investigated under Section 325 of the Penal Code.