Monday, September 27

10 days to Lundu bike extravaganza 2013


KUCHING: Bikers have until June 14 to register for the Lundu Invitational Mountain Bike Challenge to be held from June 15 – 16.

The event is held in conjunction with celebrations for Sarawak’s 50 years of independence within Malaysia.

Building on the success of last year’s event, the organisers, Lundu District Office, have decided to organise the challenge on a larger scale this year with more events and more prizes.

There are four categories: MTB Time Trial (3 km), MTB Critirium Race (2 km), Cross Country XC (3 km) and the Lundu Closed (Cross Country). Except for the Lundu Closed, the other three races will be contested for Men’s Open, Ladies Open, Men’s Junior (18 years below) and Men’s Veteran (40 years above).

Competition venue will be the Lundu Sports Complex.

Cycling teams from Peninsular Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines are expected to join local bikers in tackling the challenge.

Total prize money will amount to over RM27, 000.

Prizes will be given up to fifth position for the MTB Time Trial and MTB Critirium with the champions receiving up to RM300 – 400.

The first 10 finishers for the Cross Country will receive prizes with the champion taking home RM3,000 (Men’s Elite), RM1,500 (Ladies Open), RM1,000 (Men’s Junior), RM1,500 (Men’s Veteran) and RM200 (Lundo Closed).

The event, sanctioned by Malaysian National Cycling Federation and Sarawak Cycling association, is supported by Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.

Registration forms may be sent directly to the Lundu District Office or the Grand Margherita Hotel, Kuching.

More details can be obtained from the organisers via e-mail addresses [email protected] and [email protected] or by contacting the Lundu District Office at 082-735008.