Tuesday, July 5

13.3 million M’sians are Facebook users


MIRI: Statistics in May shows that some 13.3 million or 45. 5 per cent of the total population in the country are Facebook users. This puts Malaysia on the 8th spot in Asia and 21st place in the world.

From the total figure, those aged between 18 and 24 were the highest users, contributing 34.5 per cent followed by those aged 25-34 years (29.5 per cent) and 13-17 years (16.3 per cent).

Assistant Minister of Youth Development (Rural) Datuk Dr Stephen Rundi gave the statistics when closing the forum ‘Me and Facebook’ at Dynasty Hotel here Friday.

“This statistic tells us that today’s teenagers are being exposed to Facebook. The usage of such social media has indirectly affected their (teenagers) way of communicating and lifestyle.”

At the same time, Rundi congratulated the Social Development Council for their success in implementing the research on the Facebook usage among secondary students in the state last year.

Based on the research, he said it was a great relief because the findings showed that usage among the students was more of a need and not an addiction.

“They need Facebook for learning and communication. Thus it is equally important to educate the students on how to be responsible users of social media and safeguard themselves in the cyber world.”

In view of that, he suggested the relevant authority consider the suggestions in the research.

Executive secretary of Social Development Council at Ministry of Social Development, Aisyah Edris said 125 participants attended the forum

She said its objectives were to share the outcome of exploration research, to give a real ground situation on usage and to discuss the issues of the Facebook usage among students.