Tuesday, November 12

Book your health screening via [email protected] app


COMPREHENSIVE: Screen shot of package(s) offered.

PRACTICAL: Assunta Hospital staff getting hands-on experience with the all-new [email protected] app.

KUCHING: A pioneering private healthcare provider in Malaysia and the first private hospital in the Klang Valley, Assunta Hospital recently launched [email protected], a mobile app service for patients to book and pay on- the-spot for health screening.

A first in the country, [email protected] is targeted at busy urbanites who seek convenience and ease in making health a priority for themselves and their families, according to a press statement issued in Petaling Jaya yesterday.

Assunta Hospital’s acting chief operating officer Chong Yee Mun said the new mobile app is part of the hospital’s initiative to evolve with the times and stay ahead in the healthcare industry.

The screening packages on [email protected] are priced lower than walk-in rates, offering more savings and reaching out to as many people as possible especially today’s IT-savvy society.

This offer is only applicable for bookings made through the app.

“Times are changing. People today have tight working schedules and find it difficult to find time to book a health screening. We hope and believe that [email protected] Assunta is what they need, as it allows them to book a health screening any time of the day or night, even after office hours,” he said.

The idea for the application came about when the hospital management realised that there is often an overload of patients seeking various treatments or screenings on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays.

Upon further investigations, it was found that this happened because most people tend to book their appointments at the beginning of the week, ending up with an appointment later in the week.

“With [email protected] Assunta, patients or their caregivers can have better control of their screening schedule,” said Chong.

For instance, people can take a few minutes to book a screening for the next available time slot during their lunch break, or at midnight when they experience uncomfortable symptoms.

This also removes the frustrations associated with busy phone lines during working hours.

A commitment fee of RM30 is charged through ipay88 to secure a booking, and a notification will be sent to the person who made the booking as confirmation.

A reminder can be set on the app itself, but the hospital staff will later contact the patient for reconfirmation closer to the appointment date.

The balance in payment will be settled after the screening is completed.

This latest app was developed by Studio 212, a software development company based in Kuala Lumpur.

The app utilises the company’s self-developed patient management engine named BlueCard, a software system specifically targeted at healthcare providers.

BlueCard provides a foundation to build upon new or existing healthcare systems by unlocking new potentials and opportunities through information technology.

Founder of Studio 212 Benjamin Lim said: “We are excited to work with Assunta Hospital to develop this app to improve the healthcare delivery system.

[email protected] is the first health screening application in Malaysia for a medical facility utilising iPhones and iPads for front desk administration,” he said.

“Its user-friendly interface allows mobile users to maneuver their way easily around the site, making it suitable for people of all ages,” he added.

Around 20 screenings are offered including full blood tests, chest X-rays, lung function test, pap smear, ultrasound, women and men wellness packages, senior packages and more.

In conjunction with the app launch, Assunta Hospital will be offering an additional 5 percent discount for the first 30 people booking a screening package online.

Patients can even customise their own packages, choosing from a wide range of tests according to their individual needs.

“The itemised cost of each screening in [email protected] Assunta allow people the opportunity to manage their own health budget,” stated Chong.

“This will empower people to take charge of their lives, with the ability to book health screenings at your fingertips literally.”

“The launch of [email protected] is timely because we want to encourage more people to come for screening and early detection of disease in line with the Ministry of Health’s call to fight the rise of non-communicable diseases or better known as lifestyle diseases,” stated Assunta Hospital’s Clinical Services director Dr Lourdes Dava Raj.

With early detection, patients can improve their chances of a cure and reduce the cost of treatment, he said.

The app makes it easier for working people to book health screening packages for their elderly parents.

To mark Parents’ Day, those who book Senior Screening Packages in the months of June-July 2013 will get a complimentary dietary consultation.

[email protected] can be downloaded at the Apple app store from June 12 onwards.

For further enquiries, visit www.assunta.com.my or its Facebook page, www.facebook.com/assunta.hospital, contact Ushar at 017-2899307 or email [email protected]