Teen crashes car in early morning chase by cops


BATTERED: The badly dented Proton Iswara after the crash.

MIRI: A 16-year-old driving a Proton Iswara led a police patrol on a heated chase at about 1am yesterday.

Suspicious, the cops pursued the car up to Senadin, about 14km from the city centre, before the car rammed a street light.

On checking the car, police found different sizes ‘parangs’ and sharp and blunt objects inside.

According to sources, a police team (from the Crime Investigation Department (CID) was patrolling Centre Point 2 when they saw the suspect.

On seeing the cops, the suspect ran towards his car, tried to run over a cop who managed to escape being hit.

A chase ensued.

All the weapons were brought to Miri Central Police Station (CPS).

Police also came across two teenagers driving without valid driving licences. They were brought to the CPS to facilitate investigation.