Wednesday, March 20

World’s largest floating book fair to open here again


SPREADING GOODWILL AND KNOWLEDGE: Project managers Maryodette Ribeiro and de Laat together with project coordinator Laura Howard (centre) wish to bring knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world.

KUCHING: The world’s largest floating book fair, Logos Hope, will soon berth at Kuching with its multinational volunteer crew.

Laura Howard, project coordinator at GBA Ships, who flew in with two project managers for the press conference, said that members of the public are offered the opportunity to meet the crew members, as well as purchase books on the ship starting July 12.

The ship’s 400 crew members are volunteers of over 56 nationalities and they have returned with the mission to help people through social service projects and good literature.

“Despite having different backgrounds, the crew members agree on a common goal and are a unique example of unity in cultural diversity.

“Some of the crew members come with qualifications for specific roles, such as engineering officers, plumbers, carpenters, bookkeepers and cooks, among others.

“However, many come with none except a willingness to serve and a strong belief in their faith,” she told reporters here yesterday.

Meanwhile, Sander de Laat, who is a project manager for GBA Ships, explained the time served on board is voluntary, and crew members do take opportunities to work on shore with non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

“We also seek support and appreciate the help offered by local government whenever we make a stop in a port, including Kuching,” said de Laat.

He cited their recent visit to Cambodia and the Philippines where crew members undertook many practical aid projects.

Among the projects undertaken were the construction of schools, substantial book donations and a free medical and dental clinic.

The book fair has an expanded selection of over 5,000 titles at affordable prices, with a wide array of subjects ranging from science and sports to children’s titles and academic texts.

Opening hours are from 10am – 2.30pm from Wednesday through Saturday, 1pm – 9.30pm on Sundays and 2pm – 9.30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Entry fee is RM1, and admission for children under 12 is free of charge, but they must be accompanied by an adult. Do not miss the chance to visit the fair.