Sunday, September 20

Pigs ‘hijacked’ by group demanding RM200,000


KUCHING: A 51-year-old self-employed man claimed that a group of men had demanded RM200,000 from him for a consignment of pigs, which they later snatched, at a wharf here on Saturday evening.

According to a police source, the complainant was waiting for the arrival of pig stock from Lawas at the wharf around 4pm and upon docking, a group of men approached him and demanded for the money.

He told them that he did not have the money and was only following orders from his employer to deliver the stock.

Adding to his woes, the suspects had earlier on grabbed the keys to the driver’s trailer and promptly loaded the pigs onto another lorry before allegedly driving away with the man’s stock.

Police are investigating the case.

In an unrelated case, two friends were seriously injured while another sustained minor injuries in an attack by an unknown man at a night spot in Jalan Sekama early yesterday morning.

According to another friend, the cause of the attack at around 3am was not known. Both the seriously injured victims were sent to a hospital in Tabuan Laru for treatment.

In a separate case, two men were nearly set upon by a group of people at an entertainment outlet at Ban Hock Road around 3.30am yesterday.

It was said that the gang of about 20 were armed with dangerous weapons like parang.

Fearing for their safety, both the victims in their 30’s managed to evade them and fled but that was not the end of it.

One of the victims added that a friend of his had tipped him off that there were people in seven cars outside his rented house waiting for him to return.

The close encounter was believed to be due to a misunderstanding between one of the groups who was said to be jealous over his girlfriend sitting at the same table with the victims earlier on during a drinking session.