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September 16

High praise for St John’s first cadet division


ANNUAL INSPECTION: Dato Sri Ang Lai Soon doing his rounds during the inspection of 1st Cadet Combined Division at SMK Kuching High yesterday. — Photo by Mohd Rais Sanusi

KUCHING: The 1st Cadet Combined Division St John Ambulance (SJA) Sarawak held its 42nd annual inspection at SMK Kuching High yesterday.

SMK Kuching High principal Phang Chun Yaw congratulated SJA for achievements, stating that 42 years prior to its formation, SJA was relatively unknown to Sarawak.

“The first division was set up in SMK Kuching High, hence it’s the first cadet combined division,” he said in his speech.

He mentioned that the SJA was the most active in extra-curricular activity (ECA) in the school.

He also commended the cadets who are active participants, especially in the field of first aid.

He also praised the voluntary spirit of the school’s cadets who would be attached to the General Hospital (GH) to help out when GH staff are on leave during festive seasons.

He explained that besides first aid, they are also responsible for organising first aid, nursing and marching training.

Chairman and Commander of SJA Dato Sri Ang Lai Soon who attended the inspection yesterday, said he had followed the progress of SMK Kuching High and commended the school’s excellence in fund-raising events.

“I hope more academic staff in the country will follow Mr Phang’s example and take greater interest in the ECA of their schools,” he added.

He said an interest in ECA will integrate more discipline in the students.

He also encouraged schools to incorporate good values in students, citing courtesy for one.

He hoped all officers and members in SJA will continue to put into practice the training they received into their daily lives as much as they can.