Saturday, March 23

‘Missing’ Sibu swans find new lakeside home in Permai Park


SWANS GONE MISSING: The land at Workshop Road has been flattened as the swans now find a new home at Permai Lake Garden.

FIRST HOME OF THE SWANS: A portion of Sibu Town Square has been levelled for property development.

FIRST RELOCATION: The home of the swans at Workshop Road.

SIBU: The Iban cultural wood carving of swans at Workshop Road that have earlier been relocated from Sibu Town Square Phase II, are on the move again.

These wooden sculptures designed to represent the graceful lifestyle of Sibu have impressed locals and visitors on the beauty of native wood carving.

They were being relocated earlier this year to a vacant plot at Workshop Road to make way for property development at the river-front square.

But, townsfolk were puzzled recently when they found these graceful birds missing from Workshop Road, prompting them to ask “Where have all the swans gone?”

Sibu Municipal Council’s deputy chairman Daniel Ngieng told The Borneo Post yesterday, “We have found a better home for the graceful birds at the Lake Garden in Permai Residential Park.”

He said the contractor had taken down the wood
structures at Workshop Road and would soon put them up for display at the garden by the scenic lake.

“This will help to better tell the romantic story about the swans linked to the development of Sibu,” Ngieng chided.

The council deputy chairman said they had found the site at Workshop Road opposite the eastern wing of Sibu Central Market too restricted, to express the emotions of these graceful birds.

“We had a meeting, and the council decided to move them to the Lake Garden at Mile 5.”

Ngieng said his council had earlier proposed two spots for the relocation of these swans – Workshop Road or Lake Garden.

“We therefore first shifted them to Workshop Road, but, when we found the site not suitable, we again moved them to the alternative site.”

Ngieng said the swans would have their new home near the lakeside food court to continue the romantic legacy of the town.

Apart from representing the grace of Sibu town, swans have also been known for their characteristic as being loyal and trustworthy, because the bird will stay with its partner for life after mating season.

Meanwhile, the portion of Sibu Town Square Phase II – where the swans once stood – has been leveled.

Rising from the river bank will be the luxurious condominium blocks and a modern-concept commercial centre linked to the adjacent vacant land.