Friday, July 10

Latest price control scheme in place


PRICE LIST FOR FESTIVE SEASON: Wan Uzir (left) reveals the latest Hari Raya Festive Season Price Control Scheme 2013 while State Fama director Taza Dan looks on. — Photo by Kong JL

KUCHING: Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (MDTCC) yesterday implemented the latest Hari Raya Festive Season Price Control Scheme 2013 in its efforts to combat rising prices of essential goods in the market.

Its state director Wan Ahmad Uzir Wan Sulaiman said the scheme will run until Aug 11.

“The ministry has identified 20 items in which the maximum price has been determined for the implementation of the scheme,” he told reporters when visiting Medan Niaga Satok here to inform traders about the latest scheme.

He, however, said that only 18 items were relevant for Sarawak.

The scheme, implemented under the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011, was to prevent unreasonable price increases on essential items during this critical period.

“We understand that the retail price of chicken has increased considerably in Peninsular Malaysia, causing concern among the people,” he said.

Wan Uzir however assured that there was sufficient supply of chicken in Sarawak and prices were stable.

“I also ask for cooperation from all parties including wholesalers and suppliers to inform the ministry if they encounter problems with supply, so that we can come up with a contingency plan,” he reminded.

He also reminded traders that they were required to put price tags for all items including pink price tag on the controlled items.

Wan Uzir warned those who fail to place the pink tag can be fined up to RM10,000 for individual trader and up to RM20,000 for company.

Individual traders caught selling controlled items above the ceiling price, he stressed, will be slapped with a fine up to RM100,000 or three-year imprisonment and up to RM500,000 for company.

The essential items under the scheme include live chicken, standard chicken (slaughtered and dressed chicken with legs, head, liver and gizzard), super chicken (slaughtered and dressed chicken without legs, head, liver and gizzard), imported beef, chicken eggs of Grade A, B and C, imported round cabbage (exclude Beijing cabbage), red chilli, tomato, whole coconut, grated coconut, imported groundnut, shallot (India), imported onion, garlic (China), imported potato (China) and Indian mackerel.

A total of 122 enforcement officers and 111 price monitoring officers will be stationed at targeted locations to monitor and inspect situations.

Also present were Fama director Taza Dan and MDTCC State Enforcement Section chief Mohd Rahim Ibrahim.