Sunday, October 17

Sarawak Gazette now available online


KUCHING: The digital copy of the Sarawak Gazette is now available online at the Electronic Sarawak Gazette (e-SG) website which can be accessed via the website of Pustaka Negeri.

e-SG is the first project of White Hornbill, Innovative and Creative Circle group under the state library.

Among the objectives of e-SG is to increase the readership of Sarawak Gazette.

Its contents will be uploaded in stages.

Sarawak Gazette is now an essential source of historical information on Sarawakian affairs, especially during the Japanese occupation period when publication was suspended.

It contains information on economic history, coastal trade returns, commodity prices, agricultural information, mineral and oil production statistics, anthropology and archaeology.

The gazette which is printed by the Government Printing Office, a pet project of Charles Brooke established in 1870, published its first issue dated Aug 26, 1870 featuring a summary of Reuter’s telegrams on the Franco-Prussian War in a three page leaflet.

A hundred and thirty years later, both Reuters and The Sarawak Gazette are still going strong.

You can access e-SG at

For further information on e-SG, call Ainie Umairah Lee, Amir Hamzah Ahmad at 082-442000 (ext 245 or 306) or email them at [email protected] or [email protected]