Kuching Reformed Evangelical Ministries seminar this weekend


IN DELIVERY: A past picture depicting Wong (left) preaching.

KUCHING: The Kuching Reformed Evangelical Ministries will be holding a seminar about ‘The Analysis and Critiques of Speaking in Tongues’ tomorrow and Sunday at Crown Towers.

The aim of the seminar which will start at 7.30pm is to expound on the topic of speaking in tongues based on consistent biblical exegesis principles.

Speaking at the seminar is Reverend Daniel Wong, a senior co-worker of Rev Stephen Tong, who trained under his guidance in Reformed Institute for Christianity and 21st Century, United States, from 1996 to 2004.

During the seminar, interpretation on verses that talk about the gift of tongues will be provided, as well as exploration of relevant teachings on this topic.

Historical background during that time will also be explained.

The phenomenon of speaking in tongues amongst the charismatic will be explored as well.

Rev Wong is currently the senior pastor of Kuala Lumpur Reformed Evangelical Church.

The seminar will be conducted in Mandarin, but will be translated into English.

For more details, call 016-860 3026 or visit www.facebook.com/KCH.REMC.