Saturday, December 3

Optimistic outlook for bike business


NEW EXPERIENCE: Jamil tests out his new bike while Ho (left) and Jamil’s family members look on.

SIBU: Chop Swee Guan is optimistic about the market outlook for August, targeting to sell over 100 motorcycles, up from its usual sales of 60 bikes here.

Its manager Richard Ho yesterday said the rosy perspective stemmed from the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festive celebration and their ongoing promotion.

“On average, our monthly sales are between 60 and 70 units except during festivities when sales would surge,” Ho said.

He added: “Our top selling brands are Honda and Yamaha of 100 cc models. These models are affordable and within the reach of those in the low- and middle-income bracket.”

Office and general workers made up the majority of the buyers, he disclosed.

Meanwhile, Jamil Jamaludin from Kampung Melayu, Belaga, was coincidently buying a motorcycle when Ho talked to The Borneo Post.

“This is the Hari Raya gift for my son,” Jamil said excitedly, adding that the machine would be transported to his village via express boat.

Asked why he had to travel all the way down here to purchase the bike, Jamil said the shop provided excellent after-sale service.

“Motorcycles are still very much in use in our village due to the narrow roads there.”

On servicing, Ho advised: “First time servicing is due when you hit the mileage of between 500km and 800 km. For every subsequent 3,000km, it is recommended that you send your bike for periodic checks.

“Blocked air filters can increase fuel consumption. Besides air filter, the engine oil needs to be checked.”

He suggested that the motorcycle chain be checked once every two weeks, cautioning that the chain, when loose or losing tensile strength, could lead to mechanical failures such as the machine getting jammed.

“Adjusting the chain is free of charge. First time servicing is also free.”