New traffic light in Tudan much welcomed


IT’S READY: Lee commissioning the traffic light in the presence of his team.

MIRI: Tudan folk can now travel in ease with the new traffic light installed to regulate traffic flow.

The traffic light at the junction to Curtin University in Senadin, was officially commissioned by Assistant Minister of Communications Datuk Lee Kim Shin yesterday.

This is the last project under the RM115 million fund for traffic lights and dual carriageway projects in Tudan housing estate comprising Senadin, Permyjaya and Kuala Baram, Lee told reporters at the site after the commissioning event.

“The most recent one was at the junction to Emart Commercial Centre which was commissioned last Monday.

“The projects are all completed according to schedule.

“With the completion of this new infrastructure, traffic in this area should be smooth taking into view the serious congestion in the area,” Lee said.

He also said there are overall nine traffic lights along the road to Tudan, Permyjaya, Senadin and Kuala Baram, including three in Pujut 7, constructed under the fund.

“Called ‘Pujut-Tudan-Kuala Baram Road’, the stretch of the dual carriageway is 14.4km long starting from Pujut 7 to the junction of Asean Bridge in Kuala Baram,” said Lee who is also Senadin assemblyman.

He added over 100,000 people in the housing areas at Tudan, Permyjaya, Senadin and Kuala Baram would benefit from the good road and traffic lights.

Meanwhile, Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) operation and maintenance senior manager Lau Hui Chu, assured that the street lightings from Emart Commercial Centre to Kuala Baram would be fully completed by the end of this month.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused to the people, but we hope they can bear with us while we strive to do our utmost to get the lightings completed within this month,” he said.

Once done, it would complete all the projects, he added.

Public Works Department (JKR) project engineer Mahathir Jokeni, was also at the site.