Parents disapprove of plan to transfer children to SK Bengoh


Florio Siel

KUCHING: Many parents from Kpg Semban disapprove the government’s plan to temporarily transfer their children from SK Semban to SK Bengoh in Padawan near here.

They especially disagreed to the proposal if the order was to take effect by end of this month

According to the chairman of SK Semban Parent-Teacher Association, Florio Siel, they have unanimously made a stance based on reasonable grounds.

“There is no doubt that we are concerned about our children’s education but in this situation, we do not agree with the transfer order.

“Our main concern is that we would have to go back and forth on foot from the village over the weekend to pick up our children. It is not a short distance and we would have to sacrifice a day’s work to do that,” she said.

Florio, 36, also said the ‘order’ would certainly effect their children’s preparation for the UPSR exam next month.

She said they would present a letter of protest to the authority soon.

“Why is there such a rush to transfer the students from their current school when there are many unfinished businesses yet been to be settled in our village (Semban)?

“Compensation for our houses has not been settled fully. Only 30 per cent has been paid. We are not going against the government but we are also standing up for our rights,” she said.

SK Semban is a boarding school in upper Padawan. It has 21 pupils – nine from Semban and 12 from Rejoi.

The two villages are among four villages affected by the construction of Bengoh Dam. The other villages are Taba Sait and Pain Bojong.