Thursday, June 4

Likas rep gets death threat


Junz (second left) showing a copy of the note and the Chinese funeral money that he received yesterday.

The written content of the note.

KOTA KINABALU: Likas assemblyman Junz Wong had a shock of his life when he received an envelope containing 500 pieces of Chinese funeral money at the DAP’s headquarters in Bundusan, Penampang yesterday.

Junz, when met at the city police headquarters in Karamunsing yesterday, said the envelope was believed to have arrived at the party headquarters at around 8am yesterday and that he only received it at around 11.30am on the same day.

The letter was reportedly addressed to Junz but there were no particulars as to who the sender was. 500 pieces of Chinese funeral money and a note that says ‘Your way to the future, you need more money to spend… more young girl… drinks… sex… etc so there are some here for you….’ were found inside the envelope.

“When I open the envelope, I was surprised that it contained about 500 pieces of Chinese funeral money and a note written in English. I strongly believe the contents inside the envelope, which was addressed to me personally, was a threat on my life,” he said.

Junz said he was surprised to receive such threat as he has never made any enemies or was involved in any misunderstanding with anyone, including politicians from both the government and the opposition.

Asked if he suspects any individual or parties that may be involved, Junz said, he believed the threat may have been made by certain parties who were unhappy with certain issues that he had brought up in the past couple of months.

“I believe the threat was a warning to me for bringing up a couple of issues pertaining to the people’s interest,” he said, citing issues such as KKIP, Sabah Ports and Safma.

Asked if he would stop publishing statements on issues that could bring more threats on his life, Junz said, he and DAP would continue to fight for the people.

“This is not the first time that a DAP member has received such threat. We live in a democratic country and if one is not satisfied with certain issues, we can always sit down like gentlemen and seek the best solution, not by such threats,” he said.

Junz said he hoped the police would expedite their investigation into this case and bring those responsible to justice.