Sunday, September 20

Spread the meaning of ‘Merdeka’ — Nancy


SADONG JAYA: It is everybody’s responsibility to spread the meaning of ‘Merdeka’ to the new generation to uphold the solidarity of the Malaysian race.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nancy Shukri said not doing so would make it difficult to maintain peace and harmony in the country if its citizens do not appreciate the importance of their independence.

The Batang Sadong MP also feared that the country would be thrown into the kind of chaos that is already happening in other countries where there is no stability in their government.

At the same time, she called upon parents and teachers to play their part in educating children on the meaning of Merdeka through involvement in programmes organised by government agencies.

She reminded the community of the time before Independence when there were no electricity, roads and clean water.

“Be thankful to the government that has kept the stability and harmony all this while and kept Sarawak independent for the last 50 years,” she said during an Aidilfitri celebration recently.

The gathering was attended by some 300 residents from around Sadong Jaya.

At the same event, the Sadong Jaya level ‘Kibarkan Jalur Gemilang’ campaign was launched with the help of the state Information Department.