Mechanic lodges report after wife’s KL trip with beau


MIRI: Mad with his wife for splurging RM9,000 holidaying in Kuala Lumpur with her boyfriend, a 45-year-old mechanic went to the police station here Wednesday night to make a report.

According to sources, the complainant was told by his mother in-law that his wife had gone to Kuala Lumpur with a man, believed to be her boyfriend, on Aug 19.

To make matter worst, his wife used their money (RM9,000) for the trip.

According to sources again, his wife called from KL on Tuesday night asking him to deposit RM300 into their bank account to buy an air ticket to return to Miri.

Obviously, she has spent all the RM9,000 she has brought earlier. The complainant did deposit the money as requested.

He then went to the airport to fetch his wife, but was furious when he saw her with a man.

A quarrel ensued.