Saturday, February 29

JV the way forward, Entri tells NCR land owners


INCENTIVE: Entri (standing front fourth left) presenting the mock cheque for RM 29,090 as incentive payment to the participants of the Cipta Sawit Pelita Bok Bakong project.

MIRI: The development of NCR land through joint-ventures is the way forward in raising rural socio-economic standard in the state.

Assistant Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture (Farmers Organisation) and Assistant Minister of Public Utilities (Water Supply) Datuk Sylvester Entri Muran said this at the presentation of incentive payment of a joint-venture Cipta Sawit Pelita Bok Bakong project at Rumah Lawang in Sungai Seruas Bakong recently.

He urged land owners to ensure that their idle NCR land is developed to attain higher economic returns and income.

Entri, who is also Marudi state assemblyman, urged them not to be instigated by the opposition to oppose NCR land development programmes.

“The opposition can only criticise but are unable to help the people improve their livelihood,” he said.

Meanwhile, the government will continue to provide basic infrastructure and amenities through various programmes such as BELB , BALB (rural electricity and water supply) and others.

Entri also thanked the government for initiative in the perimeter survey of NCR land, and called upon owners to co-operate with the authorities to expedite the process.