Five-horse race for post of Kapitan


KAPIT: There are five aspiring candidates vying to be elected as the new Kapitan representing Chiang Chuan Clan here, with two women in the fray as the current leader heralds a call for young blood to match the new era.

They are Ma Tian Kock, Kho Chiaw Chai, Peter Saw Seng Guan, and women candidates Yap Poh Le and Chua Bee Hung.

The voting will be held at the second floor of Chiang Chuan premises at Jalan Pemanca Law Chen Eng at Bazaar Baru here today from 9.30am to 4pm. The eligible voters are the paid up-to-date members of Chiang Chuan Association Kapit.

The election committee will be chaired by ex-Temenggong Sng Chee Eng to ensure a smooth voting process.

A snapshot of the five candidates –three businessmen versus two women with activities close to the ground – are as follows:

Ma Tian Kock, a 53-year-old businessman by profession, is the proprietor of ChiongSengfood court. He is the current president of the Federated Sarawak Chiang Chuan Association.

He is also chairman of Kapit Chiang Chuan Association, vice-chairman of United Chinese Association, treasurer of Tai Chi Association, board member of SJK (C) Hock Lam, board member of Chung Hua Kindergarten, board member of Tai San Ten and board member CheeQuanKhor Association.

Kho Chiaw Chai is a 59-year-old businessman, former councillor of Kapit District Council and chairman of the Kapit Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Peter Siaw Seng Guan, 49, is also a businessman like all three men vying to be Kapitan.

From the fairer sex is the youngest of the candidates at 35, housewife Yap Poh Le who is ultra active in the NGOs. Deputy chairpersonof Federated Sarawak Chiang Chuan Association, Youth chief Kapit Chiang Chuan Association, board member in CheeQuanKhor Moral Uplifting Society, deputy Youth chief of United Chinese Association Kapit and board member of the parent-teacher-association.

Chua Bee Hung, 51, is a tour guide. She was a former councillor of Kapit District Council. Now, she is the assistant treasurer of Chiang Chuan Association Kapit, secretary of Kapit Music Society and assistant secretary of United Chinese Association Kapit and currently clerk at Chung Hua Kindergarten.

The Kapitan post falls vacant because current Kapitan Teo Boon Keat has decided to give way to younger blood to lead Kapit Chiang Chuanclansmen into the new millennium.