Thursday, June 4

Five of 17 detained tested positive for Syabu


SIBU: Police here detained 17 persons, five of whom later tested positive for Syabu, during 4-hour Ops Cantas beginning 8pm, Thursday.

Sibu police chief ACP Shafie Ismail led 96 policemen, including eight officers in tactical uniforms and K-9 Dog Unit conducted raids at night clubs and budget hotels.

Police also checked 227 motorcycles, 120 cars and 186 motorists at four roadblocks set up at Tunku Abdul Rahman Road near Sibu Airport, Lanang Road, Pedada Road and Wong King Huo Road.

“The operation is an ongoing operation,” Shafie said when contacted yesterday, adding that the biggest Ops Cantas in Sibu was held on Aug 21.

“There will be three police teams to set up roadblocks every night,” he said.

On gangsterism, Shafie said there were six groups in Sibu but they were not organised.

“We will monitor the bad hats particularly former Emergency Ordinance detainees,” he said.

On illegal cyber gambling outlets, Shafie said police had wiped them out.

“However, we have identified a small number of cyber cafes noted to be still operating,” he said.

During the operation on Thursday night, Narcotics police took 15 persons back to the police station.

Of the 15 persons, three men and two women aged between 20 and 40 tested positive for drug.

One of the three men was found in possession of Syabu.

Police also arrested a man who attempted to break into a shop in Lanang Road.

They also arrested a man armed with a knife who went berserk at Lanang Road.

The police chief also went to various food courts to foster closer rapport with members of the public.

The raids at budget hotels also saw transvestites in the vicinity checked.