Sunday, July 12

Early childhood education lays the foundation for schooling


CARING LEADER: Abu Seman, a teacher back in the 70s, guides a preschooler to read the alphabet.

SIBU: A strong foundation in early childhood education is vital to ensure children start schooling on the right footing.

Jemoreng assemblyman Abu Seman Jahwie told parents after handing over a donation to Saberkas Green Road unit kindergarten here yesterday.

Abu Seman, who is Saberkas deputy secretary-general, said it was imperative for parents to focus early on their children’s studies and not wait until they reached primary or secondary level.

“Early childhood education is the building block of education as this is where future human capital is shaped and moulded.

“That’s when our children learn not only to read, write and count but noble values such as teamwork, respect for teachers and elders.

“Teachers build up their self-esteem as part of character-building. When they have high self-esteem, children will grow up feeling confident about themselves,” he said.

Using an analogy of an airplane to show the importance of early childhood education, he said a perfect take-off was needed for it to fly to its destination.

Turning to the teachers, he said they played key roles in ensuring children’s success in education.

Teachers were responsible for producing the human capital needs of the country.

“Therefore, it is essential that they make their lessons interesting to attract the attention of these young learners,” he suggested.

Among those present were Saberkas Green Road unit chairman Ibrahim Laili and secretary Ayup Mansor.

Meanwhile, he disclosed that the donation was to assist in purchasing new graduation robes for the pupils to replace those destroyed in the June 19 fire.

The preschool graduation ceremony is slated for November.

The kindergarten was established back in the 80s when the Green Road unit was the only unit with a kindergarten which now caters to 25 preschoolers.