Monday, November 18

17 complete wheelchair training at Sabah Cheshire Home


KOTA KINABALU: Seventeen people have successfully completed a three-day wheelchair training that encompassed health, mobility, care and maintenance for wheelchair users at the Sabah Cheshire Home.

The training began on September 28 and ended yesterday and was jointly organized by Latter Day Saint Charities, a foreign non governmental organisation (NGO) and the Sabah Cheshire Home.

Sabah Cheshire Home vice president, Lawrence Hee Qui Shing, said at the certificate presentation of all 17 participants yesterday that they have conducted the training programme with Latter Day Saint Charities since 2011.

He also said that the foreign NGO has been dispatching wheelchairs to Sabah since 2006.

“I think, throughout the years, they have already sent some 2,310 units of wheelchairs to Sabah. This year alone, they will be sending 310 units of wheelchairs,” he said.

The wheelchairs donated were then given to persons in need of the amenity. Two types of wheelchairs were donated – the standard (normal) and the Rough Rider, which is suitable for use at rough areas or outdoors.

Aside from wheelchairs, the foreign NGO also donated crutches, cane and walker to those in need.

Sabah Cheshire Home is the main distributor for all these wheelchairs and different types of wheelchairs are available ranging from size 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” and 20” for standard  wheelchairs and size 12.5”, 14”, 15.5”, 17” and 18.5” for the Rough Rider type.

The three-day training covered many aspects of living with a wheelchair from healthy living to posture, balance, wheelchair mobility, transfers, wheelchair fittings, user instruction, care and maintenance for both the user and their chair.

The 17 participants were from Kota Kinabalu, Beaufort, Tawau, Tuaran and Kudat, Welfare Department, Social Security Organisation (SOCSO), National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM), Malaysian Red Crescent Society Tawau, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and the Sabah Cheshire Home. The participants ranged from physiotherapists, social workers, CBR workers, caregivers and volunteers.

Those in need of wheelchairs can contact the Sabah Cheshire Home at 088-438202. The wheelchairs can also be garnered at the Sandakan Sabah Cheshire Home branch and the Tawau Red Crescent Society by November this year.

Representing the foreign NGO were Kim Brown (physical therapist/ programme specialist), Gaye Brown (wheelchair technician/programme specialist), Dan and Colleen Allen (Country Director, East Malaysia), Mike and Suki Weichers (public relations to Asia Area Public Affairs) and Sukiati Lotuin (physical therapist).