Mini zoo can entice tourists — Hotelier


ATTRACTION: Ducks are an added attraction to the visitors at 1Malaysia Cultural Village in this file photo.

SIBU: Setting up a mini zoo will add variety to a town’s tourism offering, giving prospective tourists something to look forward to when they come for a visit.

Chairman of Sarawak Central Region Hotels Association, Johnny Wong Sie Lee, in suggesting this yesterday, said that a mini zoo could be packaged with trishaw ride and the sampling of local delicacies among others, filling up tourists’ itinerary with exciting tourism programmes.

“For starters perhaps, a mini zoo can keep small animals which can be a crowd puller for both locals and visitors. The birds’ park in Bintulu for example, is very popular especially among school children.

“The thing is, visitors having spent their time in the zoo here, can later tour the town in trishaws, stopping at popular food outlets to taste the mouth-watering local delicacies,” said Wong, a former inbound tour operator.

He, however, said a large zoo would not be feasible due to the high running cost.

He related of the initiative to include a mini zoo at the 1Malaysia cultural village in Bukit Aup here. It would be a good attraction if it were to materialise.

Wong said this to comment on the Divisional Tourism Task Group’s (DTTG) initiative to bring back trishaw ride to entice tourists to Sibu.

Its chairman, Sim Kok Kee, reportedly said using a panoramic trishaw ride could be an ideal way to introduce the town to visitors.

“Their intention is good and we fully support the suggestion made by Sim and Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) Sibu executive Rudy Anoi.

“It is our fervent hope therefore that the task group could look into creating something for Sibu to spruce the tourism industry here.”

On another matter, Wong urged members (hoteliers) to attend a briefing at Sibu Municipal Council at 9.30am tomorrow.

He said the briefing was related to billboard advertisement pertaining to the Local Authorities (Advertisements) By-Laws, 2012.