Friday, September 30

Benefits of positive self-esteem


MANY people think that building up self-esteem is for their own personal good. With positive self-esteem, one tends to be more confident in facing life, be happier and able to lead a better life.

Yet the benefits of positive self-esteem go beyond that. A person with positive self-esteem will have a higher dose of self-confidence. When you have self-confidence, you will respect yourself and as a result, people will respect you as well. And when people respect you, your relationship with others will improve. You will become happier and the same goes to the people around you.

Low self-esteem leads to low self-confidence, fidgetiness, depression, insecurity and unhappiness. Those with low self-esteem do not like themselves and usually put others’ preference before theirs. Their lack of confidence causes them to fear and stumble at every challenge.

Most people do not like to be around individuals with low self-esteem as they have the tendency to dampen others’ spirit with their less than positive viewpoints.

On the other hand, individuals with positive self-esteem accept themselves in a constructive way. They love and respect themselves and are able to form harmonious relationships with others. They are ready to embrace changes in life and are not afraid of challenges.

These individuals have the confidence and ability to work towards their goals. They are able to contribute much to society by getting things done and promoting a happier environment.

Hence, building self-esteem is not a selfish goal as it can contribute to the happiness and well-being of oneself as well as others.

Self-esteem helps you to face difficult times with confidence. It is your greatest asset when faced with challenges in life. You will not be defeated by hardship easily and will be able to have the positive viewpoint that you can and will be able to overcome the obstacles.

With a healthy level of self-esteem, you will love and respect yourself in a balanced way — not too obsessive nor subject yourself to the desires of others.

Individuals with self-esteem will have a positive self-image of themselves.

They do not despise themselves nor feel the need to boast about their successes or strengths. Their inner confidence will be sufficient for them and they do not rely on others’ opinions to make them feel good or wanted.

These individuals are not stressed about themselves or the things that they do. They do not need to seek the approval of other people as they are sure of themselves and the decisions they have made.

Hence, they are able to establish healthy and harmonious relationships with others. They will not be seen as insecure or arrogant. They have a positive outlook on life and the people around them. People will find that individuals with positive self-esteem are generally more pleasant to be with and contribute to a friendly environment.

In the process of building up self-confidence, you will be more aware of your intentions and needs.

This enables you to have a better understanding of the motives and needs of others. You will be inclined to be more sensitive to others’ needs and help them in any way possible. As a result, you become a person who is more caring, generous and kind.

Priscilla Hiu is a career guidance consultant of Gracia Management and a certified behavioural consultant of DISC Personality Profiling System, Institution of Motivation Living, USA and Extended DISC Personality Profiling System, Extended DISC Northgate.