We’ve video footage, photographs as evidence – Kalabakan Umno Wanita


TAWAU: Kalabakan Umno Wanita claimed that they have video footage and photographs as evidence that the division leadership intervened in the party’s wing election on October 12.

Hajah Suriani Lamai said they resigned to protest the Umno Women election that was tainted with the intervention of an Umno division leader who campaigned and clearly put pressure on the delegate representatives to vote for their sponsored candidate.

“On behalf of the 13 Wanita committee members who resigned, we deny the allegations by Datuk Seri Panglima Ghapur Salleh who tried to link the resignation because the former woman chief Datuk Hajah Hamisa Samat lost in the election that was aired on TV3 on Thursday,” she said yesterday.

“We have video footage and photographs as evidence to prove our claim that the divisional leadership had intervened in the election,” she said.

On the re-election as stipulated in Clause 15.8 and 12.11 of Umno Constitution, she said the matter should be decided by Umno first as the issue involved misconduct in the Umno election and Suriani had asked the party’s disciplinary committee to take stern action against those found guilty.

She said Ghapur’s statement about Umno Constitution’s Clause 12.11 was misleading because “Election of the new committee” was not only to replace the 14 committee members who resigned but also all the members of the committee, including the women chief and vice chief as mentioned in Clause 12.3 and Clause 12.4 of the Umno Constitution.

In the divisional Wanita election on Oct 12, Hamisa lost to her challenger Cahaya Sulaiman by 33 votes. Three days later, the 14 elected Wanita committee members stepped down from their posts, claiming the election process was not transparent.

Ghapur said on Thursday that the Kalabakan Umno would hold a special assembly on Nov 30 to elect new committee members of Kalabakan Wanita Umno to replace 14 who resigned.