Wednesday, June 16

Dream of side income dashed, pomeloes stolen


MIRI: A pensioner’s hope to earn a side income from his pomeloes was dashed when his pomeloes were stolen overnight.

The pensioner living at Permyjaya grew the fruit trees on an empty space near his house.

Not wanting to be identified, he said: “The fruits were ready to be plucked and sold. I had a buyer interested to buy the more than 200 fruits from two trees. The pomeloes were of good quality — sweet and juicy.”

“My wife and I anticipated some extra income from selling the fruits. Previously we had sold them to the fruit seller at a good price.

“My wife, daughter and I were not able to finish the fruits.”

The pensioner said it was agreed for the buyer who is a fruit seller to see and buy them the next day.

But the fruits were stolen during the night.

On checking around, he saw tyre tracks leading from the main road to the fruit trees. He believed it was the work of more than one thief.

“I heard my two dogs barking for a few minutes after midnight.

“Suspected nothing wrong, I didn’t bother to check.  We thought the dogs were barking at cats or neighbours,” he said.

“I suspect the thieves might be someone we know as the dogs only gave short barks that seemed friendly.”