Friday, August 19

Driver injured when truck overturns at bridge


A NARROW ESCAPE: The firemen at the accident scene on Lebaan Bridge.

SIBU: A tanker driver narrowly escaped on Monday when the truck he was driving overturned on Lebaan Bridge; his driver compartment landed on the rail of the longest bridge in Sarawak.

The driver suffered cuts and bruises and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance for treatment.

Passers-by who saw the overturned tanker at the edge of the bridge regarded it was a miraculous escape for the driver.

The driver was heading from Tanjung Manis to Sibu with his tank loaded with diesel.

He lost control of his vehicle; the tanker skidded at the highest point of the bridge before it overturned, with the driver’s compartment virtually hanging at the edge of the bridge. The accident caused oil spillage.

Firemen covered it with sand to prevent further untoward incidents.