Police alerted to drunken mob terrorising family


KUCHING: A family of four from Taman Malihah are fearing for their lives following an armed attack by a drunken mob in their house on Thursday.

The family, comprising a 29-year-old man, his pregnant 34-year-old wife and their two children aged between one and five years, were left with bruises and cuts in the 6pm attack, which occurred after the man was accused of revving his motorcycle engine.

According to sources, more than a dozen local men – most of whom were intoxicated – showed up at their house with sharp weapons and hard objects and proceeded to injure the family before threatening their lives.

The family later sought treatment at the Sarawak General Hospital, with the man revealing that it was the second time in two years the men had attacked him at his house.

Police are investigating after a report was lodged.