Monday, December 6

Unimas graduates Qin, Za model siblings


KOTA SAMARAHAN: Healthy competition and strong cooperation between Qin Qintasha Joji and elder sister Za Zeyriqa have contributed to their success in pursuit of higher education.

Sibling rivalry has never strained the sisters’ relationship, especially after they lost their father 15 years ago. Being the second and third child respectively out of five siblings, the duo became the pillar of strength and support for each other to get through in life.

Both Qin and Za graduated with a 3.83 and 3.60 cumulated grand point average (CGPA) in their Bachelor degree in the Human Resource Development programme. Elder sister Za had made the Deans list award four times while the younger sibling did one better.

“My younger sister has always been an inspiration to me and vice versa. We influence each other to achieve our goals and to do good in our lives,” Za told reporters when met before the start of the second session of Unimas’ 17th Convocation Ceremony here on Saturday.

Both siblings were accompanied by their mother Sahimah Abdul Rahman, who both described as the main inspiration for them to succeed in life.

Qin added that they both always compared notes and do their assignments together.

In fact, they were roommates in their first semester at Unimas. The sisters are only one year apart in age. Despite being younger and possessed better grades, she believed her older sister possessed the same quality as she does and that the duo are not far off from each other.

Sahimah, a single mother, expressed her gratitude to family members for helping her to raise her five children. Government scholarships have also made it easier for the two siblings in their pursuit of higher learning.

“My main concern, especially after their father passed away, was to ensure all my children could cope with life. I was always worried on how to motivate my children to study. I always encourage them and give them support,” she said.

Sahimah advised her children to always work together to succeed in life. She mentioned that strong family support has helped her family to cope with their daily living.