Saturday, August 20

Brazen thieves make off with telephone cables


KUCHING: Brazen thieves threatened two security guards with machetes before carting away telephone cables along Jalan Pelabuhan in Bintawa here on Monday.

The incident was discovered around 8.15pm when a patrolling guard came across seven men behaving suspiciously at a telecommunication post near a factory.

As he made his way towards the group to investigate, several of the men suddenly whipped out machetes and pointed the weapons in his direction, prompting the guard to flee in fear.

He returned several minutes later with a fellow security guard and discovered that the men were leaving the scene on foot carrying with them cables removed from the telecom post.

The arrival of the two guards saw the thieves once more brandishing their machetes in a threatening manner as a warning to the pair not to follow them, before disappearing from the scene with the cables.

A police report of the incident was made later the same night.