Thursday, June 20

Inti student has invaluable Astro internship


BRIGHT FUTURE: Tan (right) with a colleague at Astro.

KUCHING: A 16-week internship with Astro brought Inti International University Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) student Tan Sze Shuen a step closer to her dream of becoming an anchorwoman.

A press statement said Tan served in Astro’s Regulatory and Industry Affairs Department where she gained exposure to media regulatory issues.

She supported her colleagues in regulating programmes to be aired and in resolving any grievances that could arise.

Through the department’s close links with its stakeholders, in particular the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Commission Malaysia, Tan learned the significant roles and responsibilities of internal regulators.

“I gained a lot of knowledge and experience, especially in the areas of regulation and compliance to a code of conduct in the media industry,” Tan said in the statement.

“A lot of the tasks and activities that I worked on during my internship were familiar as they relate to topics covered in my course. What I learnt in the classroom was relevant to the workplace.”

She said the internship was a good opportunity to put into practice the knowledge she acquired in the classroom.

“In journalism class, we were assigned by lecturers to do news reporting just like real reporters,” she said.

“We had to gather news, conduct interviews, write stories and produce a newspaper of our own, though on a smaller scale.”

The Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) programme at Inti International University covers the characteristics and intricacies of the media’s role in society, in order to convey messages effectively, through the aid of critical thinking skills.

Students are taught the art of developing key messages and writing news releases in a dynamic way.

Those who pursue a degree in Mass Communication at Inti can expect to develop persuasive and creative skills as well as strengthen their capability for critical and analytical thinking while emphasising professional standards.

Internship opportunities with leading organisations such as Astro will prepare them well for the media industry.

Students also have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and ability to conceptualise, plan and execute an entire advertising campaign, as well as handle the event management and publicity aspect of it through team projects.

“When you successfully complete the course, you leave with not only a certificate but also the ability to take on the challenges of the industry,” said Inti Mass Communication programme head Roberto Calleja.

“The programme’s approach to media studies addresses the artistic, creative and practical challenges posed by the mass communication industry. With a Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) qualification, you will have a good understanding of the strengths and characteristics of the different media as well as society, to convey the required message in the most effective manner.”

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