Kapit folk warned against harbouring illegals


IN APPRECIATION: Entusa (second left) presents a memento to Kapit District Officer Elvis Didit, who was one of the speakers for the programme.

KAPIT: Police have warned the people here not to harbour illegal immigrants.

Kapit police chief DSP Entusa Imam stressed that doing so is a serious offence that could also jeopardise security.

“I call on the people to assist the police by providing information on the presence of illegal immigrants or those found to be harbouring them. Do not be easily hoodwinked by the sweet talk and good deeds of the illegal immigrants, whose intentions are not known.

“The incident at Lahad Datu should be a wake up call and serve as a vital lesson for us that once there is no control of the influx of illegal immigrants then the security of the community and the country is in jeopardy. Let us all work closely together to look into the security of the country at large,” he said during a community policing programme at Rumah Ebong, Nanga Sebilat on Thursday.

On the programme, he said, the people should not fear the police as they are part and parcel of the community.

“There should be no barrier between the police and the people, especially where crime prevention is concerned. Normally the community is generally scared of the police.

“Now we go to the ground so that the people will feel no barrier between them and the police. Through such an approach it is hoped that the people will willingly come forward to provide information on any suspicious character or criminal activities in their respective areas,” said Entusa.

Meanwhile Amanita representative Cpl Siam Unjah, who spoke on ‘Engagement of Housewives In Neighbourhood Safety Through a Designated Women’s Police Officer’ said the programme helps train housewives to be the ‘eyes and ears’ of the police.

She said this aims to reduce social crimes and enhance closer rapport between the community and the police.

The programme also hopes to equip housewives with basic self-defence skills, she added.

The next community policing programme will be held at a longhouse in Sungai Bena in Sut, Baleh next month.